Edinburgh, Scotland
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F1 · 13 answers · 11d

Saran dong kopi yang enak selain Tuku dan Kopi Kenangan? 🤎

F1 · 2mo

Your go to coffee recommendation?

Twinkleberry · 2mo

Iri banget sama kehidupanmu.

Twinkleberry · 2mo

dydy!! show me ur best lip product lately please

aku lg suka bgt pake lipgloss these daysss!! nude lipgloss gt aku pake mop yang mauversal & clear glossnya kiko :3 sama lagi suka pake vinylnya maybelline gitu deh yang superrr awet di bibirkuu

Twinkleberry · 2mo

How to romanticize life in ur vers?

starting small sih, kyk being grateful every time i wokeup, doing things i love, it's SOOO important to romanticize life! sering-sering nyenengin diri sendiri. listen to my favorite songs, take morning walks, buy flowers, eat cookies, work out, anything!!!! kalau udah kebiasaan make myself happy, life will surely become happierrrr than ever

Twinkleberry · 2mo

What's your favorite sentence to raise you up when you're in the lowest point?

"hang in there, i will always be with you" or "thank you for being born" warms me every single time

Twinkleberry · 2mo

Udah punya cowo ye? Wkwkw yah baru mau gua pepet

𖤐 · 2mo

audy!!! tell me 3 of your favorite nicknames yang orang lain kasih km dong

Aléah · 2mo

Your favorite song right now please!!

F1 · 2mo

Any thoughts on Schatje? <3

schatjeee the love of my life, the sweetest ever, the one who's always warm <3 manis, cantik, definitely A MOM, such a goddess i love you banyak

Twinkleberry · 2mo

hiii audyy. this is my first time ever writing in someone’s retrospring. just wanna said that i hope we could get alooong well!! good to know youu <3

EH WHO'S THIS KENAPA DI ANON!!! hii cantik hope we can mingle well yaa, looking forward to it bb <333 pleasure to know you here too, whoever you are ♡

Vanellope Chiara · 20 answers · 2mo

Kalau disuruh pilih 1 makanan to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why????

F1 · 14 answers · 2mo

Are you the muse or writer of a lover?

both actually but i'd prefer to be the ink that dances on the page. so yeah, writer of a lover. (who's also dying to be the muse)

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