There's no more blues in my violet.

Montréal, France.
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Lovelings · 11d

ale kamu lagi deket sama orang ga? soalnya ada temenku yang pengen kenalan gitu

Lovelings · 12d

Aku suka kamu. Dunia harus tau kalau aku suka kamu! Yang lain tolong gak usah deket-deket ya. Ini cewek yang aku suka, Aléah Artemisia. Aku udah hapal nama lengkapnya, tinggal nunggu tanggal ijab kabulnya. Baiknya semua yang naksir Aléah SANGAT DIANJURKAN minggir. Masih sayang diri sendiri kan?

Mamah.. ini aku lagi main di AU mana? 🥹

Jokes aside, lucu banget Nder. Boleh kali DM terus tentuin tanggal?

Lovelings · 13d

Hey, Al. I’m wondering on how your ideal type is? Do you have any preference?

I.. don’t think I have any. I believe as long as we could understand and adapt to each other, everything will be fine. YMMA deh, yang mau-mau aja. 🥹

Lovelings · 17d

Say, someone catches your eyes. Are you willing to have a relationship with them?

Lovelings · 23d

Do you write for your job?

As in being a writer? For my primary job, nope. I’m far from that. I came for an even further education background. But lately, I have a side-gig that involves writing! Not as a writer ‘writer’ though. I hope that feeds your curiosity!

IVY · 19 answers · 20d

Happy May! What is your wish for this new month?

I hope happiness will find its way to me and to myself, I genuinely hope to feel content with everything that I have.

Lovelings · 1mo

ale gmn kabarnya letud? masih aktif kah?

Sudah gak aktif yah! Udah banyak lost contact sama anak-anaknya. I hope they’re doing okay out there. <3

Helen · 11 answers · 29d

How do you approach someone? (to crush)

Calamander · 1mo

le request writing naksir orang brutal tapi orangnya gak peka

Lovelings · 1mo

move on mbaaakkk wkwkwkkwwk

Lovelings · 1mo

admin wrth ya

Lovelings · 1mo

What’s your favorite Tortured Poets track?

For now.. I think it’d be ‘I Look in People’s Windows’ and ‘The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived’ for now! Let’s see whether my verdict will change after multiple sesh..

Lovelings · 1mo

Comsu, Teh?

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