૮꒰˶ฅ‌˘ฅ‌˶꒱ა Her eyes whispers the tale “..of beauty and the soul of an angel,”  ˖࣪ ໒꒱  ˚₊·

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You can ask anything, just be kind! <3


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J. · 9mo

Hi kanya! What's your fav movies? Anw, i'm the sender

𐙚 · 13 answers · 9mo

if you could turn back time, what will you say to the person who hurt you?

van · 9mo

hi, kanya. i’m a sender from base! mind to follow me back? if you stuck on the island and you only allow to bring one song album, what would it be?

A follow has been sent! APA YAA jujur aku enggak tau jawabannya... Mungkin TS (tapi yang mana aja lah, anaknya labil maaf)

Selene. · 9mo

Good day to you, Anya! What smell do you like the most? Like rain, coffee, etc.

I like the smell of the rain, aaah! And you know what else? I also love the smell of roti'o; it's so darn good!

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

rate this song from 1-10 https://youtu.be/OKe1RJWvq7U

cleyá · 9mo

morning kanyal! mind if i follow you? im new with retrospring and i saw u drop your link on ssefnum, so i thought maybe we can be friends? if you don't mind tho. sorry for asking this out of nowhere but have a good monday!

cAuL · 6 answers · 9mo

boleh rekomendasi aku film? mau aku tambahin ke watch list nanti.

Anselmus Maguire · 9mo

Hey, thank you for being exist! This world really need your presence.

Aww, you're incredibly sweet! Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. This world would be a much better place with more people like you around! <3

૮꒰ ౨ৎ 。˵• ﻌ •˵。꒱ა ♡ · 9mo

Hello, Kanya! 🩷 This has been sender of menfess in regarding to gain new mutuals @ retrospring! Mind to give me a followback? Thank you! 🐈‍⬛

Ecy · 9 answers · 9mo

Is there any song that makes you cry or emotional everytime you listen to it?

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

Kanya, May your day be filled with love, always. No matter sooner or later, i hope you'll realize how much this world loves you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredibly kind words. They mean so much to me. And you know what? I genuinely wish that every single one of your days is wrapped in love and happiness. You deserve all the sweet moments life has to offer! 💕

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