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if you could turn back time, what will you say to the person who hurt you?

It sounds corny, but I'd thank them for causing me misery and shaping me into the person I am now. Consider this a positive message because the agony itself caused me to learn more about myself.

“Think twice before saying something to people. If you want to get rid of them, do something that’s at least doesn’t hurt them forra long time. Please don’t do that ever again, you’ll never know how much the impact will happen to a person after you said that. You’ll never know how long your words will attach in their minds.”

Hummpp, "did i deserve the pain? Hehe :D, se gak worth it itukah aku for being loved by you, kak? its really hurt me a lot, if you wanna know, i tried my best, i really do" t_t SEDIH DEEHHH. Aku gakmau menyebar kesedihan lebih lanjut, gomenasai ^_____^

Teh ada. Tea ice ada. Teh tarik ada. Milo ice. Teh panas. Tea ice. Bali ice. Air kosong. Air soda. Makan? Roti kosong ada. Roti telor ada. Roti cane. Roti bantal. Mi goreng. Nasi goreng Nasi goreng telor. Nasi lemak ada. Nasi kuning. Petai ada. Semua pun Ada

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