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Gebiel Edelio · 8 answers · 7mo

Does anyone have "happy songs" playlist?

Julius. · 17 answers · 7mo

Guys, can you give me a recommendation song for sleep?? Cause i need it.

kalo buat tidur biasanya aku putar playlist dari kumpulan original soundtrack ghibli yang calming gitu sih, miguel!

𝑬, Madelaine. · 34 answers · 7mo

Anything interesting you’ve watched lately? I need some recommendations. Thank you! 🤍🎐

recently, i've only consumed tv series and documentaries that are gourmet-themed, like midnight diner: tokyo stories, cooking for the maiko house, and street food asia!

ánonymous · 7mo

top 3 japanese food

ánonymous · 7mo

top 3 seinen manga

ánonymous · 7mo

top 3 josei manga

ashy! · 6 answers · 12mo

do you guys like rain

suka kaa, aku mau banget barefoot menjinjing heels harga setengah juta dan berjalan di kiri trotoar amsterdam bersama pacarku itu

Gebiel Edelio · 18 answers · 8mo

Menu makan siang favorit kalian apa?

𝑬, Madelaine. · 8mo

Knock ─ knock, hello Cleya!
I just wanted to drop by and say hello to you. 🕊️🤍 Hoping you always filled with a multitide of satisfactions melded with exhilaration. You've been doing great! ‎♡

who's there? oh, it's ella! thank you! to receive such a pleasant message from such a delightful person on this day. i, too, wish you lots of happiness, love, joy, laughter, and smiles.🤍

Thara · 5 answers · 8mo

suggest me any songs for guitar cover purpose

mari kita mengheningkan cipta dan menggenjreng kembali best part by daniel caesar

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