Abelard Zachary
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Saint Lady · 4 answers · 9mo

Since we are boycotting Starb*cks, can anyone suggest me matcha powder that tastes exactly like that brand?

Nina · 9mo

Favorite f1 driver abah siapa!!

All Time Fav: Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher

Now: Kimi, Alonso, Vettel, Verstappen, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Piastri (new entry)

Nina · 9mo

Spill mifa mafa abah siapa tau nanti aku bisa masakin 🤭

Tatiana · 9mo

Hal yang unexpectedly you observed lately apa

Yth. Anon · 9mo

Hey, maybe we never talked each other before. But, it's really fascinating to see you talk about F1. As a non fan, it's really fun to see. Keep going yaa!

Hey there, it's cool to connect over F1, even if we haven't chatted before. Thanks for finding it fascinating. I'll definitely keep it up.

Saint Lady · 10mo

Desc user ini.

You're a blast to chat with, always bringing that upbeat personality, friendly vibes, enthusiasm, and oh, you're pretty darn smart too! It's like having a ray of sunshine in every conversation. Truly a pleasure to have you around.

Saint Lady · 10mo

Why DR3?

Who doesn't love DR3? He's like the ultimate buddy you'd love to have, a cool role model to admire, he's got this genuine, down to earth vibe that makes people feel like they could grab a beer with him and have a good time. Daniel's also an incredible racer, and he's got that never give up attitude. You won't find anyone in the racing world with a bad word to say about him.

Saint Lady · 10mo

Is there something you think you're good at...?

Saint Lady · 10mo

Top 3 fav moments in F1?

  1. 2022 Silverstone GP, final corner, Max vs. Charles vs. Lewis.
  2. 2020 Italian GP. Gasly first win. Amazing and unexpected race.
  3. All Kimi Raikkonen moments. ❤️
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