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hello there! · 8d

Semoga kamu happy terus ya.

Summer · 3 answers · 18d

While many define love as tenderness, would you say love means the same thing to you?

it’s actually depends with who you settle with… if you found the right one then i’m on the same boat! but love not only in relationships form it can be with a pet, family and a friends

🎀📝 · 2 answers · 29d

do you guys happen to have specific ideal type?

i do! my ideal type is someone warm, soft and gentle! someone who’s not zionist freak, pendukung 02 and most importantly a cat lover (re: my boyfriend) 😋🩷

hello there! · 1mo

kaaak ak kgn mantan aku, tp dia udh punya pacar, gpp kah? wkwk sedih bgt rasanya kak..

waduhh… kalau kamu ngerasa kangen gapapa kok tapi karena dia udah punya pacar berusaha buat let it go ya? it will take time but just remember semua orang punya masa nya it’s okey to “kangen” but also learn to let go and accept kalau he’s not yours anymore. semangat ya sender…

cAuL · 5 answers · 2mo

Hello, there. Tell me how your May has been so far.

it’s a roller coaster for sure… but still banyak happy nya kok! how’s yours auyel?

hello there! · 2mo

Where are you? How is life going?

Milo · 8 answers · 2mo

What slipped into your mind when you see a flower? Is it the blooming love inside you, or is it the thing so-called ‘hope’ that blooms the faith you have in life?

depends on the flowers! if i see sunflowers i’ll see hope that blooms the faith that i have in life but when i see tulips or cherry blossoms i see the blooming love inside of me

hello there! · 2mo

Gak sabar liat outfit javajazz kakak cantikkk 🤩

cAuL · 11 answers · 3mo

what expensive thing that you regret buying it?

hello there! · 3mo

What is the best thing about society?

cAuL · 4 answers · 3mo

what do you think about caul?

auyel is a ray of sunshine! very kind and down to earth, i’m so grateful to know and meet you auyell! thank you for existing, you mean a lot to me 🩷

Sinclair Matthias · 2 answers · 4mo

Salam eid mubarak, angels. Mohon maaf salah silap ya. 🤍

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