Ruby asked 10 months ago · 7 answers

since tomorrow is valentine's day, what is your dream valentine's date?

Late to answer it, but I’ll go with aquarium date since it was on my bucket list

I don't have one but if I was given a chance, I think I will spend time with my lover to do all we love.

i don’t have any, but as long as i can spend my whole day with my friends or my partner, it’s totally okay! :D

I don't have any dream date in mind except painting together, having a quality time with my s/o is enough for me <3

danggg, I don't even have any dream date for valentine's. yaaa, as long as I could spend my time and enjoy it with my partner I call it as a dream date 😚

oh shoot, my lonesome soul is triggered haha, joking. these aren't my dream valentine's dates, it's my dream date in general like I'd put these on my list soon if by any chance I'll be someone's significant other. the first one is krl date, this is my number one dream date to happen. second one is a zoo date, for God's sake I need to experience at least once in my life to have a zoo date. it's so fun and joy in my head lol.

In virtually, I would like to have a movie-date and writing a love-letter for beloved one. But in real life, aquarium-date or museum-date sounds great for me and of course never forget to bring them a love-letter. In other words, I would like to have a quality time with my beloved ones. Because why not?

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