Les jours ne passent pas

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Jio · 22 answers · 8mo

Terakhir cut off orang karna apa?

𓃠 Yves. · 10 answers · 4mo

Have you ever having a sudden feeling that you're unworthy, not good enough, trying your best but still failed over and over again and then you just wanna disappear from everyone? Please tell me how to deal with this. capek juga.

yeaaa... usually i give myself a space for socializing and doing a self-reflection. sometimes I also go outside to touch the grass and pamper myself buying some stuffs that I need or what I like :)

𓃠 Yves. · 4mo

hello, im the sender from base ssefnum. mind to give me a follback? thanks in advance!

sorry that it took me so long to reply, but the follow has been sent to you 💝

Jio · 25 answers · 8mo

Kalau ada kehidupan berikutnya, kalian mau jadi apa?

anonymous · 9mo

Pengen pacaran sama mba oje 😭 boleh ga?

Jio · 23 answers · 9mo

what do you guys do when you want to socialize but your energy is very low?

Jio · 16 answers · 9mo

Good morning, thanks for still alive, dont forget to drink water 🍭

Aurora Khione · 12 answers · 11mo

hi, i’m back! firstly first im really sorry i didn't send you guys that question again for a 6/7 days??? bcs i’ve been on a very busy week. okaay enough w the pleasantries, hey we’re already in the middle of the month. so how’s your july so far?

it is hectic and super tiring!! I get drained easily, but I'm having so much fun because I meet my college friends hehe. how's yours?

Aurora Khione · 19 answers · 11mo

Daily check question part #3

What can I do today that will make you feel

Aurora Khione · 13 answers · 11mo

What’s your honest opinion about Gwyneth (dollxs) ? I’m curious. Very.

Aurora Khione · 21 answers · 11mo

Daily check question by guin part 02 ! 🧸🪄


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