I hold the title of Emperor and have built my own kingdom through sweat and tears.

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Nugu asked 6 months ago

kak, aku salah satu followingmu di akun jaewook👀 padahal udah update cantik banget tapi gak pernah dinotis .

Nugu asked 6 months ago

naksir paraaah sama kak rhesh 🥺 nungguin sampai putus pokoknya~!!

Nugu asked 6 months ago

kak rhesh lucu banget :c sayang sudah punya pacar, apa gak mau cari selingan?

Enggak, makasih. Kata mama kalo banyak selingan nanti bisa gumoh.

Luniar, Selene. asked 7 months ago · 25 answers

tell me an interesting random fact, it could be about anything.

(e.g blue whale, atlantis, greek history, culture, food, movie, musician, or even your own life)

Oceans, skies, foods, coral, coconut, anime movie, thriller and psychological thriller movies, keshi, cats, notebooks, comics (manga, manhua, and manhwa), coffee, and pedestrian.

Nugu asked 6 months ago

aku nunggu kakak putus sama dia pokoknya

𓆩♡𓆪 𝅄 ⋆   asked 7 months ago · 13 answers

how do you deal with heartbreak? or how do you eventually heal from it?

Take a deep breath and I will just sit down and see it from another perspective, the heartbreak makes me strong and learn from the worst experience. Time, I believe time heal everything. It's just you need to accept and face it, so you can move forward to the better future.

Feodora Levindore asked 7 months ago · 16 answers

What do you like the most about your current partner/lover?

She's the most lovely and lovable woman I've ever met, the softest one too, she always laughs at my random jokes, and she gives me strength when I feel down by her words, her sweet words. Duh, I love her.

Feodora Levindore asked 7 months ago · 16 answers

If you are not studying your current major, what kind of college major will interest you?

Biology Marine Science, I love everything about Oceans, Microbiology, Ecology, Corals too.

soko asked 8 months ago

hi dear, can u follow me back if u dont mind?

Theda asked 8 months ago

Sampun difollow nggih. 👍

Sergio asked 8 months ago · 22 answers

What makes you happy today?

Aley asked 8 months ago


𓆩♡𓆪 𝅄 ⋆   asked 8 months ago

hello, my dearest! thank you for willingly sharing a friendship with me through retrospring! 🌼 before anything, would you mind if i ask for a follow back? 🩷

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