Feodora Levindore asked 9 months ago · 15 answers

What do you like the most about your current partner/lover?

This might sound cliche but I love everything about him, I can’t choose one because he is literally the first cup of coffee that I need every morning; the smell of freshly bought books. Yes, I love everything about my partner.

She's the sweetest, the kindest, and the prettiest woman that I've ever met. I won't elaborate or add details on this because I don't want anyone to fall for her (though she totally deserves it).

pertanyaan km spt nga punya perasaan utk para jomblowan n jomblowati

She's the most lovely and lovable woman I've ever met, the softest one too, she always laughs at my random jokes, and she gives me strength when I feel down by her words, her sweet words. Duh, I love her.

Sebelum bertanya ini ke semua followers lu alangkah baiknya sisihkan gw dari pertanyaan seperti ini thx

He is so kind, precious, loves me the way I am, and smaaaaart as hell. ^__^

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