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𝒜urora · 22 answers · 7mo

hi! may i know what is your current favorite song(s)? i’m in the mood to explore new songs beyond my playlist 😯

I've lots of favourites songs. But I would recommend you Birthday Cake by Dylan Conrique, Love Songs by Maggie Lindemann, Soñar by NMIXX, and Teenage Dream by Olivia Rodrigo.

🤍 · 6 answers · 7mo

midnight curiosity.. what will you do when you love someone but you don't want to be with them because you know they will hurt you..? 🤔

Watching them from afar or act like nothing happened about the feelings I had or probably I slowly disappeared from their side. Letting go of someone must be hurt rather than being with them and got hurts from the relationship itself.

Haven. · 7mo

Thank you for being exist, Ken!

e — yi ! · 7mo


Ini sekalian bikin abstract, introduction, method dan conclusion gak?😂 Eyi tuh ddku yang paling berisik, bawel, lucu juga, baik banget, tapi pengertian juga. Eyi bisa diajak curcol juga. Walau keliatannya bocil banget, tapi kadang Eyi dewasa juga. Kucing banget dah lu wkwkwk. Gitu ya dd.

Sollaille · 7mo

oi kakak Ken lagi sibuk apaa

Oi dd Solla. Aku lagi sibuk memikirkan kucingku yang sudah lama tak ku lihat itu😖

No one · 7mo

You're loved, really.

Oh hey. I just noticed this. Anyway, thank you, who ever you are, for saying this to me. You are also loved and everyone are loved as well.

Vivianne Mackenzie. · 16 answers · 7mo

Drop your @ X, fellas. Let’s befriend since i need lots of friends to fill up my timeline. 🤍

No one · 8mo

I can talk to you on DM, I still feel afraid. I just stay on Tele right now. Aku akan mampir lagi akhir bulan nanti. -FK

Are you okay? Kalo gitu, boleh chat gua di tele, kalo mau. IDnya sama kayak usn retro ini. But it's fine kalo mau nanti pas udah balik twt. Be happy terus ya, inget lo gak sendirian. Semoga perasaan lo cepat membaik yaa.

No one · 8mo

My pleasure. Have a great day, Ken! This is someone who has initial FK as his name. I just came here want to checking up on you and worried about you. Sorry I can't talk to you directly...

Oh wait, I think I remembered you. How's the world treated you btw? Hope you're doing alright as well yaa! Also, thank you for checked and worried abt me, it's all fine now. Hey nooo, you shouldn't be sorry.☹️ But remember that my DM is always open, okay? You can reach me there if you need something. Anyway, have a nice day ahead!

No one · 8mo

Hi Ken, I know you're feeling bad right now. But I'm sure that you can pass hard times. Keep going!

Hey, for whoever you are, thank you for your kindest words yaa, I appreciate it. Hope your day is doing great as well.

No one · 8mo

Ken, I really miss you ☹️

Hey, who is this? Padahal gua disini aja loh. Btw, ngomong langsung sini, DM gua terbuka lebar.

Aishlynne · 17 answers · 8mo

Enlo! Would you tell me your most-loved Disney Movie(s) and pwease tell me the reason behind it? ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

Camp Rock and Descendants! I really love musicals movies. Yet I also watched their animated movies. I could say, I love to watching Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Sofia the First, Elemental, Toy Story, Coco.. Well I love them all actually. All of Disney's movies are incredible. No reason behind it, I just grown up with Disney.

Aishlynne · 8mo

Enlo-🤍 Aku liat kakak reply di menfess yang aku ajak untuk tukeran retro. Mau followan nggak sama aku?🙋🏻‍♀️🤍

Halo, Aishlynne. Thank you for reaching my retro yaa. A follow has been sent btw! Have a nice day!

Arabella Rosalind · 7 answers · 8mo

What’s your comfort movie?

10 things I hate about you, Flipped, Barbie 12 dancing princesses, Harry Potter, Camp Rock.

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