the f00fy one asked 3 months ago

How do your like your tea? What are your favorite teas?

the f00fy one

How do your like your tea? What are your favorite teas?

I haven't really tried that much variety of different teas, but the ones that I tried and liked are sweet tea, green tea, lemon tea and mint tea. I mostly like my teas to be sweet, but green tea is the only exception to that. The slightly bitter taste really does go well when it's hot, it makes me feel really calm.

i love breakfast tea, and similar caffeinated, more coffee-like tea :P

Passion tea shaked with lemonade, Bubble tea/milk tea

i don't really drink much tea at all, i've only ever had a couple of cups (same with coffee really)

I don’t have any specific way I like my tea, I generally prefer it with sugar, milk, and warm. My favorite tea is lavender and chamomile. :3

no preference of with milk or without, i tend to switch back and forth. but no sugar.
usually: chai, vanilla chai, licorice, strawberry-pineapple if i can find it.
mint is good when I'm sick :)

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