as within, so without.

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malu bertanya sesat di jalan.


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Anonymous Coward · 1y

did u still need the vp for recon spectre aJSJWJNSJEJWN

R☆ · 16 answers · 1y

Satu lagu yang ga pernah bosen didengerin versi kalian apa?

herbariume · 1y

ello, mind to shoot me a follow? by the way have a nice day ahead!

Jean · 18 answers · 1y

What movie could you watch repeatedly and never get bored?

Jean · 22 answers · 1y

Which is important: what you say or how you say it?

both are important. sebelum ngomong tuh bener-bener harus dipikir mau ngomong apa, is it necessary or is it not— kalau emang perlu, gimana cara ngomongnya? haruskah pelan, haruskah keras? soalnya beda tone tuh beda juga orang-orang nerima apa yang mau kita sampaikan.

Jean · 26 answers · 1y

Do you currently set your eyes on someone?

Jean · 1y

Do you feel like a leader or a follower?

i'm more a follower! tapi kalau di suatu situasi kepepet gak ada yang mau jadi leader, i can be one too.

Anonymous Coward · 1y

Do you think that late is better than never?

Anonymous Coward · 1y

Are you in a relationship? If not, are you ready to be in one?

i'm currently not in a relationship! :] as for whether i'm ready or not— i guess i'm not ready to commit anything anytime soon since i (sometimes) still think of my ex hahah jk. but i really am not ready for a relationship since i haven't fully healed from my last one. 🥶

Anonim myn · 33 answers · 1y

HEEEELLLPPP!!! Cara nahan ngantuk gimana plisss??? Selain minum kopi atau nonton film 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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