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Which is important: what you say or how you say it?

I used to think that what I'm saying is the most important thing. But now, it already change me thinks. No matter what I'm talking about, the way I say it is more important

I will choose how you say it first.. because if we say it wrong, people will misunderstand and the point we want to convey is not achieved :c

How you say something in my opinion is far more important than what you say. People will remember how you made them feel, rather than what you said. A message can have the opposite meaning if it's sarcastic, or can be hurtful if said insincerely.

Which more important to me is how you say it. Soalnya kalau konotasinya beda, pasti orang yang diajak ngobrol bakal anggapnya beda. Jadi nggak sejalan gitu.

both are important. sebelum ngomong tuh bener-bener harus dipikir mau ngomong apa, is it necessary or is it not— kalau emang perlu, gimana cara ngomongnya? haruskah pelan, haruskah keras? soalnya beda tone tuh beda juga orang-orang nerima apa yang mau kita sampaikan.

How you say it, jadi pilihlah kata atau intonasi yang tepat tidak mengundang emosi meskipun yang disampaikan adalah berita yang kurang mengenakan.

for me, first is how you say it. you can affect everyone with how you say. that's why art of the communications is needed.

As long as the point gets across, whichever is alright. Wouldn’t mind a little straightforwardness sometimes.

both are important for me but most of the time how you say it plays the crucial part.

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