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GrooviestFluff asked 3 months ago

What is a story/stories that you never see represented in media and why are they important to tell?

There's a few.
-Hero's journeys that focus on positive mlm homoerotic relationships (mostly doesn't exist in mainstream.) This one's important because I think we need more stories where characters can be gay where it isn't about being gay. It allows for more complex characters and dynamic, new situations.

-Stories involving the lower and middle class that isn't about being poor. So much of our stories focus on the hyper rich and the wealthy upper class suburbanites. I don't think it reflects enough relatable settings.

Max asked 4 months ago

Not sure if this question is too broad, but for the main cast what would you say is their most prominent personality trait?

Will's is intuitiveness. Sam's is a prowess for setting a mood. Murdoch's is perception. Cliff's is enthusiasm. Nik's is perseverance.

Slate_the_rat asked 4 months ago

Got two completely unrelated ones: How would the main characters of TSR react to cheesy puns? And what’s the main characters favorite meals to eat?

Sam hates puns. Murdoch enjoys when they cause chaos. Nik and Cliff likes them unironically. Will likes using them to be annoying on purpose and then revels in self-disgust.

Oswald asked 4 months ago

Out of all the characters in The smoke room who do you like The most

Probably Sam since I'm in his head the most and because I relate to erotic expression so strongly.

ItomaisFuzzy asked 4 months ago

Thank you for humoring my previous hypothetical question so I have another for you. If epic approached you, and asked you if you wanted to pick two characters from the smoke room to put into Fortnite who would you pick?

Will for the meme material and Cliff because he's the one who'd actually play it.

Csmomg asked 4 months ago

As a follow up to your comment about the progressive movement and labor unions, what kinds stories do you find most interesting about that period of history? Was there a specific historical incident that was the catalyst for Nik and the miners? Or is that getting too much into spoiler territory?

What's really interesting to me was how popular socialism and communalism was in america before the 80's. It really felt like a different country in a lot of ways to see a culture that valued the worker higher than the CEO.

Slate_the_rat asked 4 months ago

Does Sam have any pictures of himself when he was a kitten, and if so, how big of a reaction would we get out of Cynthia from seeing them?

Her gibbering would be endless and he'd never hear the end of it from her.

Arthur_Ay asked 3 months ago

I know it's a super unrelated question but, are ticks and fleas a thing in the Echoverse?

Csmomg asked 4 months ago

Is there a certain route or character that you find easy to write for? Difficult?

Murdoch's route is the easiest for me because fucked up family drama I'm not stranger to. Nik's is hard because I'm not a rural miner who lived through the progressive movement where American labor movements still had teeth.

GrooviestFluff asked 4 months ago

What books or authors would you recommend for someone who loves TSR?

Mmm, there's just a lot of stuff I like. I like The Great Gatsby and The Crucible in terms of American dramas. Same with Death of a Salesman.

But for the more paranormal stuff, Something Wicked This Way Comes, It, and The Shining are up there for me.

zeugmaballs asked 4 months ago

If you created a new VN with your original ideas, not related to any Echo Project universe, would you still want it to be included under the EP development umbrella?

Probably not. Mostly because I want to set up my own patreon at some point, and I wouldn't want to confuse folks which support goes to funding which projects.

ItomaisFuzzy asked 4 months ago

If you had the hypothetical time and resources necessary to do so, who would you pick out of all the side characters to set up as an alternative route in the smoke room? Or would you just forgo the addition altogether?

Part of me wants to do Todd and Yao as branches in nik and will route respectively.

But if I had to add another route, it would focus on all 5 of the main cast together.

Slate_the_rat asked 4 months ago

I got another slightly silly one: does the foxtrot exist in TSR universe, and would Murdoch do it? Or would it be considered offensive to ask him?

I don't see why it wouldn't. Murdoch dancing the foxtrot would be really cute.

Slate_the_rat asked 4 months ago

How would the main cast of TSR react to being told they have a nice ass?

Cliff: "Thank you but I have no beasts of burden."
Murdoch: "Do you want to try it out to make sure?"
Nik: silent panic
Will: "Want to see my boot, too?"
Sam: It's 75 dollars.

Slate_the_rat asked 4 months ago

In the modern AU do you think Brian would be a dentist since he gets off from others suffering?

I assume modern au brian would still be a loathsome serial killer.

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