Seraluna Everlyn.
Seattle, WA
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Anonymous Coward · 11mo

do you set your eyes on someone now?

Karicia. · 23 answers · 11mo

is anybody like one direction / a directioner? would you like to tell me what your fav song from them?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

hello! in case no one told you this yet, then i'll be the one telling you this; you're doing great, you've done your best, and amazing things are coming to you! :) 💫💛

Hi!! I don't know who you are but thank you for coming again and give me these positive words.. it means a lot. 🥺 I hope you always be surrounded by joy and blessing only! Just like what you give to other people. Have a good day! 🤎

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

hello, good person! just wanna remind you that you've been doing very well in everything. take care, and have an amazing day :) 💫💛

Hi there! Thank youuu so much for the reminder and your kind words.. it really warms my heart. ☹❤ you also have to remind yourself that you are an amazing person (I'm pretty sure about this) who loves to spread positivity to others. And you deserve all the good things in this world. God bless you! 🌷☁️

Anonymous Coward · 12mo

Boleh gak kak desc kaerimna yang cantik itu

Kaerimna rp Karina yang suka ngetag rosiearinne, suka gak jelas juga kadang -3- rajin upchar dan OAngitis!!!

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