Karicia. · 23 answers · 1y

is anybody like one direction / a directioner? would you like to tell me what your fav song from them?

Not directioner but sometimes I listened their songs too. So far my fav is Night Changes!

I am not a directioner😮‍💨 tapi aku suka banget sama lagu mereka yang 18, right now, sama best song ever 🤍___🤍

I don’t think I call myself a directioner, but I love listening to all of their songs. My favourite would be, "Irresistible." And "Last First Kiss."

ME, HELLO! is it too much to say i like every song of 'em..? couldn't choose one omg :(like y know, every song is a masterpiece itself..

Diana, Rock Me, Kiss You, Little Things, Gotta Be You, Last First Kiss, They Don’t Know About Us, Right Now and many more!

I WANT TO WRITE YOU A SONG!! selalu aku pakai untuk bobok and drag me down jugaaK dengerin di mobil malam malam 🤩

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