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C. · 12 answers · 1y

Best indomie of all time?

C. · 11 answers · 1y

Kalau dikasih uang sejuta buat dihabisin sehari, bakal dipake untuk apa?

𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑦𝑎 ‎𐙚 · 10 answers · 1y

happy sunday, everyone! mau ngapain hari ini? :3 sorry banyak tanya, udah mulai kepo nih dengan kehidupan pribadimu

Gia · 16 answers · 1y

How's your March so far?

So far so good meskipun gak terlalu dynamic kayak Januari-Februari. How about yours?

Nameless Questioner · 1y

My pleasure, it was nice to speak with someone who share the same music interest as I am! Now, may I know your current heavy rotation? I’d like to know if it’s not too much to ask.

Flattering words! These days I have been listenimg to Sheila on 7 again after awhile. I can feel the happiness whenever I remember how I grew up with their songs!

Nameless Questioner · 1y

Yeep! I thought Reality Club must be one of your heavy rotation since you used them as your username, no? Oh, 2112 is also my favorite! Couldn’t get enough of it, especially when I’m in mood to sing out loud. (not a good singer though!) I have listened all of their old songs, that song you mentioned before was definitely on my work out playlist! But overall, my favorite lies on Shouldn’t End This Way and A Graceful Regret.

There was a time it sat on my heavy rotation but these days I don’t listen to their songs regularly (but occasionally). Their songs are masterpiece indeed, I am glad that you acknowledge it too! Thank you for recognizing Reality Club and appreciating their music (in behalf of Rockstars) 😄

Nameless Questioner · 1y

Like Reality Club songs, you mean? :] Love them too, especially Anything You Want! I always thought that they were perfectly describe how a person could be deeply in love with someone in simplest thing through that song. How about you?

Reflected through my username, isn’t it? Thank you for sparing your opinion, indeed it is a bop and the lyrics literally are sweet coming from Teteh Cia and team. If you asked mine, I can’t decide between 2112 and I Wish I Was Your Joke. Also in some moment I would probably choose Alexandra too. Have you heard their earlier songs yet, like, For Lack Of A Better World?

Nameless Questioner · 1y

What type of music are you fancy to listen?

I’m actually not picky when it comes to songs as long as it’s easy to listen. But if I have to talk about my preferences, it will be a plus when it comes with comprehensive and meaningful lyrics. :D

Nameless Questioner · 1y

Gausah pake english deh, english lu jelek bgt

Thank you for your input tapi I will still do whatever I want to do here, I hope it won’t irritate you even more ☺️

Nameless Questioner · 1y

Do you have a vacant room for an admirer?

Hi! I mean, why would it not be? We have equal rights to adore someone as long as it doesn’t harm the people who are adored. No worries, the ball is under your control. 😁

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