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How much does it cost for a penny for your thoughts?


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Jane · 10 answers · 3mo

Kindly spare your thoughts on me please I wanna hear or see something :D

If we talk about Jane, she really reminds me of a song from 'brb.' called 'move' (https://open.spotify.com/track/2Ryp5LkAWyJwRqoFd8N7Kk?si=97515144b5af4c84) such an outgoing personality, a fun person to talk to, as reassuring as a bunch of clouds that tamed the heat of the sun.

thalia · 4mo

few words ab your favorite recent watch?

Rumor has it this was a spine-chilling horror, but personally, it falls short of that remark. Yes, I’m talking about The Babadook.

Jane · 4mo

Your #1 on your On Repeat playlist pleek

Belakangan ini cuma lagi dengerin lagu-lagunya Dewi-Dewi! Enak banget buat nemenin nyetir

Jane · 4mo

Hari ini mam apa ajaaa tetehku :3

· 11 answers · 4mo

How’s @fayitale through your lens?

Someone · 4mo

izin abang idola panutan ini 🔥😘
soon to be closed agency @flameslik hadir menyapa sepuh-sepuh di desa cyber🫡
mohon retweetnya bang idolaaa, jangan kasih longgar king🕺
rispekk buat semua, kelas abangda kalau kasih paham ke desa cyber 🔥

edith ☆ · 8 answers · 5mo

what do you think your attachment style is? :3

Tatiana · 5 answers · 5mo

can u give me ur makeup recs? esp gloss and lipliner #girlism

Katya · 15 answers · 4mo

Do you mind to tell me your current top 3 songs? (is looking for song references)

Abstract by Hozier, Fin by Mustard Service, the one exists in my memories by dosii.

Zoi · 11 answers · 4mo

Give me one reason to visit your city

edith ☆ · 7 answers · 5mo

which song have you ever put a specific person in it?

Someone gave me The One by Kodaline once. I really love everything about the song, but I can’t listen to it without thinking of the person

edith ☆ · 5 answers · 5mo

what's on your top 3 watchlist right now

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