Osaka, Japan.
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Jemy. asked 4 months ago · 16 answers

Kalau lagi nggak bisa tidur, biasanya lakuin apa biar bisa tidur?

Baca berita, baca au, dengerin playlist spotify atau gak ya nonton youtube.

Elaine Wynona asked 4 months ago · 15 answers

Guys can you cook your favorite foods by yourself?

No name asked 5 months ago

kak mau mutualan boleh ga

愛恩 asked 5 months ago · 8 answers

imagine: you woke up in an unknown island. it's not deserted, it's like a regular city, just not your usual place. how will you try to get some foods if you don't speak nor understand the island's language?

I think language barrier is not a big problem. We can do sign language and just try to adjust / adapt with the new environment. Lets just hope people on the island are friendly enough to do that.

Lucian asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

Balikan sama mantan karena masih sayang atau mulai sama orang baru tapi belum terlalu sayang?

Balikan is not my thing. I will stay being single and happy until i be able to commit with someone new.

:o asked 5 months ago · 36 answers

what food you'd recommend everyone to try?

Historia asked 7 months ago

lu orang jepang ya? namanya kok kaya gitu

No name asked 7 months ago

Jangan mau temenan sama @ ocveanic tukang selingkuh, ngaduan banyak palsu nanti lu jadi korban

Siapapun yang kirim ini dan apapun motifnya. Saya gak peduli. Urusin aja urusan kalian sendiri.

Skye asked 7 months ago · 7 answers

What is the most valuable thing in your life right now? It could be a real thing, a person, or anything that passed your mind.

Skye asked 7 months ago · 4 answers

What do you think about being stuck in a job that you don't like? What's most likely you'd do?

I will wait a year to work here. If my financialy still okay. I probably go find other jobs that will fit me more.

Rasigla. asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

What do you think is the best way to express your unsaid feelings?

愛恩 asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

talk about bed sheets, do you usually picky about your bed sheets? do you pick the color? bright ones or dark ones? flowery or plain? cotton or silk? or just use whatever available?

I care almost everything about bed sheet. Desain dan warna harus sesuai sama ruangan dan sesuai dengan yang aku suka. Not too color. Harus cotton.

Angel asked 7 months ago · 36 answers

What song always makes you cry?

nanooo asked 8 months ago · 6 answers

tell me what's ur favorite BTS song?

Aurora Naima asked 8 months ago · 3 answers

Good morning, any plans for today? :)

Good morning. I plan to do some several task today. Hope you have a nice day ahead.

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