Elaine Wynona

it may not be possible for everyone to be kind. but at least, i hope i can always remain a kind person to you.

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so, any questions? 馃惎


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tunAa! 馃樇 19 answers 10d

dulu kalian pas sekolah nomor absennha berapa? aku 18, 21, 23!

tunAa! 馃樇 13 answers 8d

teman teman disini ada nyang masih mempertahankan kkt, dimana orang orang sekarang pakai tele? akumasih mempertahankan katok katok sendirian diantara temen temenku

Masih! Bukan karena mempertahankan temen atau kenangan sih, tapi stickernya banyak.. sayang mau dihapus belinya pakai uang 馃槩

J. 6 answers 5mo

how鈥檚 ur first and second days of december going so far?

Daily dose of exhausted feeling 馃ゲ kinda feel drained slowly since everyone starts to demanding something in the end of the year

Adit 7 answers 5mo

What's ur fav random shows that you watch while eating?

Noooo, my mom is pretty strict for eating rules. Including no phone and/or no shows during the meal time 馃ゲ i dont have any favorite shows, but i tends to watch it randomly (and secretly) for what kind of show i want to catch up for

tunAa! 馃樇 6 answers 5mo

Hey spill produk serum brightening kalian dong, sekalian sunscreen yang ga bikin kusam!

Ah, too much trial and error for this one 馃ゲ serum lagi nyobain punya Viva. Belum tau hasilnya karena baru banget dipakai sehari. Sunscreen masih Azarine yang sunscreen gel 35. Di aku nggak bikin terlalu minyakan sama kusam

Yuma. 5 answers 5mo

A gentle reminder to take a rest every once in a while. Have a good day, everyone.

Yo, thank you for the reminder, Yuma! I wish you have enough time to rest and gain back your energy in the middle of hectic days!

Adit 5 answers 5mo

it's raining, what's the first thing you would do?

If I am home, I will take a nap or just sleep until the morning comes. But if I am not home, I will run to my bathroom and wash myself from head to toe to avoid the flu

Kalaia. 3 answers 5mo

How's November so far?

Literally a rollercoaster ride? Its going up to the sky, but down to the slump. It feels like not an easy month to pass.. I have so much thing on my head

J. 6 answers 5mo

Retinol sengaruh itu apa ga? soalnya saya disaranin pake retinol tapi belum pernah coba haha

tunAa! 馃樇 5 answers 5mo

Gimana y nder,, naksir berat sama cwok kpop

Adit 2 answers 5mo

what's ur recent fav show?

I watched Daily Dose of Sunshine recently! 2 episodes to go, but its something psychological thing. I dont really recommend you to watch it if you are not stable enough (it might be triggering for some reasons)

But overall, it was soooo good, like, GOOD

J. 6 answers 5mo

genuinely asking,
kalo kalian di posisi ini, kalian pilih apa dan kenapa.

kalian balik ke orang yang dulu pernah sama kalian yang dulu sempet belum selesai dan niat buat diselesaikan dengan ngulang lagi


kalian mau coba sama yang baru, sama orang baru, bener bener sama yang baru. yang akhir akhir ini ngisi waktu luang kalian

I will choose none of them :) i have to know that new person first before i decide can i being closer with this person? It takes a long time for me to decide that. Giving a chance is easy but i just dont want to wasting my time, and my chance, for a wrong person

But getting back together with someone in my past is definitely a no no for me

Isla Genevieve 4 answers 5mo

let me know your current favorite beverageee!

Strawnana/Bananaberry smoothies!!! It feels refreshing yet so soft at the same time! 馃ズ

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