Jean asked 10 months ago · 8 answers

How do you know when you're in love?

When I always make time for them and they’re always in my thoughts.

When i think about that person so often and i want to do something that can make they proud to have me in their side

A simply smile will appears when you're thinking about them out of nowhere.

including their name in every story i tell to my bestfriend

my thoughts suddenly full of her, I get all the butterflies in my stomach when I'm with her.

i will constantly wait for their notifications and become curious when it comes to them. quality time and physical touch as my least love languages would be the biggest parameter; i would feel at ease spending time and having skinship with someone i’m in love with.

i think i just found the answer.. when he around me, me just being me. actually kaya biasa aja, but when he left literally im nothing, kaya your soul ikut pergi. dan waktu itu terjadi, i just realize im in love with him

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