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ask politely.


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Anonymous Coward · 12mo

Kok gak putus aja?

Anonymous Coward · 1y

You always spread negativity with your 'jealousy' tweet, if your boyfriend make you jealous everytime just leave. Stop spread negativity on the timeline, slut.

heyyy calm down, there's block button on your profile if we follow each others. are your watch me fuck your daddy?

Hello, Ara-san! · 4 answers · 1y

What do you wanna say to yourself 10 years ago?

Kaela L. · 24 answers · 1y

What can make you feel the most loved based on your love language?

being told if i don't have to worried about this or that when i'm jealous, say i love you once a day, tell me if i'm enough for them. guess the love language

Avery Grambs · 23 answers · 1y

reading books is an activity that is believed to help relax your brain for a moment when you are stressed, so what’s your favorite book, my dear friend?

Jace. · 23 answers · 1y

Have you ever gotten back with an ex and regretted it?

Biela. · 17 answers · 1y

Hts an emang enak yah?

Jean · 19 answers · 1y

What is something you wish others knew about you?

Jean · 14 answers · 1y

If your life was a movie, what would it be called?

Michael · 6 answers · 1y

What’s your biggest heartbreak moment, and how did it change you?

there's something happened on 2015, it changes me to have many issues with everything

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