would you have some balmy tea and sit together with me? ‧₊˚

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𝖄𝖎𝖓 · 1 answer · 29d

guys give me yt channel recs please

an evening guest 🌕 · 3mo

Have you ever written a love letter?

Milo · 10 answers · 4mo

How do you wish to be perceived?

i used to want to be liked by everyone, but one day, it hit me…

how is it possible for me to be liked by everyone when i don’t even like everyone?

so these days, i just wish to be perceived as someone who aspires to forever learn and grow beautifully—despite of all my beauty and everything imperfect it might be.

Milo · 12 answers · 4mo

Are you the “You’re the knife I turn inside myself” person, or the “I love you enough that I let you go” person?

i am definitely the second one. i don’t do “i love you more than i love myself” anymore, so later… i won’t keep something solely for its presence that i adore; i won’t keep a knife just because i like it…

an evening guest 🌕 · 5mo

hello, i’m a non mutual of yours, but your tweet somehow passed my timeline and you look so pretty!!! anyways may i ask u something T_T as fellow girlies who love to take photos of herself, may i know what apps or camera did you use for the photos in your 25/02/24 post T__T i’d be really happy if you would answer 🥺 tysm have a great dayy <33

hi there! <3 thank you so much… you just made my day. >< of course i’d be happy to tell! i took them using iPhone 12 camera and OldRoll’s classic M for the filter. hope this helps! may your day be as wonderful as you. 💗

an evening guest 🌕 · 5mo

kak seraaa, boleh spill haircare kamu gaasi? ranbutnya keliatan sehat gt soalnya T_T

an evening guest 🌕 · 5mo

Thoughts on Dd please. Guess who I am :p

😭😭😭 you’re mysterious…? i guess? pertanyaan begini biasanya cara jawabnya gimana SIH.

Seth. · 22 answers · 5mo

What flower do you associate yourself with?

AAAAA MY FAVORITE QUESTION. i used to associate myself with tulip in my younger days, but i think… i want to float lazily and still gracefully like a lotus. i’d still want to be the cheerful and loving tulip, of course, but lotus is somehow… gracefully pretty. do you have other opinion as to which flower i am more alike, len, the flower analyzer? 🤔

kupid chiarabelle 𓇼 · 5mo

themenya cantik sekaliii aaaaaa <3____<3

hihihi! inspo-nya dari color palette one of cute tops di wishlist-ku… lucu ya… 😩

Abram · 5mo

Thoughts on Abram?

you… look quiet stiff, but i believe it may seem so because you don’t open up yet. maybe this will change after some talks… but i just knew you’re nice!

· 6 answers · 5mo

following the bandwagon, mind to tell me your thoughts on this user? <3

aya! :] seingetku, first meeting kita tuh lumayan unik… tapi aku lupa gimana. 😭 aya awalnya keliatan cuek, kaya susah dideketin, tapi ini langsung berubah waktu aya ngedeketin aku duluan! ternyata aya friendly dan lucu banget… thank you for still sticking with me. 💗

Milo · 17 answers · 5mo

friendly reminder; you'll be loved in the most endearing way possible cause you aren't hard to love and you're worth fighting for ♡

thank you for always appearing so gently, at the most perfect time, in the most beautiful form to me—my other half. <3

an evening guest 🌕 · 6mo

mauuu temenan di tele leh gaksihhh aku naksir kamu bgt woyyy! aku gamain di twt but my timeline selalu ada kamu lewat..

AAAAA malu dikit… MAU BANGET, AYO! teleku agak debuan jadi more friends the merrier biar semangat bukanya. :D DM aku ID kamu ya, nanti aku chat!

an evening guest 🌕 · 6mo

Kamu tipe orang yang kalau marah diem aja atau bilang kalau kamu lagi marah biar mereka ngerti?? Alasannyaaaa kenapa juga kamu milih itu?

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