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Anonymous · 1y

Hai Kak Kalea, I saw you passed on my tl dan mau tanya” soal dunia kedokteran boleh ngga? Thanks!!🥺

Laurelle · 6 answers · 1y

Dropping by to say thank you for hanging on until now, and please don't give up. 🌷🤍

Anonymous · 1y

What things that you hate the most?

Anonymous · 1y

Kalea, how’s your day?

Just so so but still grateful for everything that happened today. Hari ini lumayan recharge karena bisa tidur seharian untuk besok jadwal yang lumayan padat. Anyway, thank you for asking me!

Anonymous · 1y

Pernah jadi gf rent gak sih?

Nope. Saya orangnya super kaku kalau engga kenal, jadi boro-boro kalau mau jadi gf rent. Oh — And a hard one to love dear. ;)

Anonymous · 1y

I’m sorry for coming out of the blue. But if may I ask, do you still friend with Anet?

Anonymous · 1y

what things that u really miss bout us

If this is were you, I will brutally honest answer it here. Yes sometimes I still miss about how we randomly talked at the midnight, laughing over our inside jokes. Mau inget yang indah-indahnya aja karena ngapain inget yang bikin sedih, right? Anyway, don't forget to be happy ya! :)

Laurelle · 7 answers · 1y

What's your best coping mechanism when you're extremely bored or burning out?

I’ll sleep. Karena kalau tidur beneran bisa escape dari semua masalah yang ada walau cuman sebentar.

Anonymous · 1y

Do you prefer to watch movies or read books?

I love read. I love writings too. Maybe you can adressed me with the lame person when it comes to the movie because I am not into it that much lmao.

Anonymous · 1y

Do your friends know too much about your life?

Anonymous · 1y

Have you ever listened to classical music?

I do really love classical music. I always listened to it before going to sleep. Somehow it makes me relax and peaceful.

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