Hanna asked 5 months ago

How to deal with left out feelings pls


How to deal with left out feelings pls

Mau gak mau harus bisa ngeluarin skill sksd sih, it help me a lot karena kemungkinan terbesar kalau gak dikeluarin bakal ngerasa left out feelings terus. Gak disatu tempat aja ngerasa left out feelings tapi disemua tempat, jadi ya sksd jalan kuncinya. Talking to others!

Soon it's going to develop to be an empty and no way to exit but accept they feeling. Don't dwell but learn, by time you'll understand

Seeking another distraction, for me Games are such a best option and easily forget that “I was” being left out.

Sksd aja sih.. atau ngga give yourself time buat sendirian, me time gituu. Kalau dirasa udah enakan mood atau perasaannya, baru ngobrol lagi sama orang sekitar

The first thing i would do is talking to myself. I will try to figure out the things that made me feel left out. If it is still not enough yet, try to reach someone out whom i'm close with.

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