Valleria Meisya

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Yovee · 13 answers · 10mo

misal kalian lagi punya hubungan
kalian itu tipe yg keep in private atau pda guys?

When it comes to relationships, it's all about mutual agreement, right? For me, I'm all for a bit of privacy and a sprinkle of PDA. I like keeping some moments just between us, not exactly hidden, but kind of special. And hey, a little public display of affection is fun too, as long as it's not over the top, don't you think? It's about finding that balance, enjoying the closeness while still respecting each other's space.

Jovan Angelo. · 13 answers · 9mo

menurut kalian which one is better? mending regret karena gak ngelakuin sesuatu atau nyesel karena gak pernah ngelakuin sama sekali?

Mending regret karena habis melakukan sesuatu sih daripada dihantuin sama "what if's" akhirnya. Walaupun outcomenya enggak selalu baik, at least kamu tau hasilnya berdasarkan your own choice. ❤︎

Anonymous Coward · 10mo

Kayanya telat ya, Mei? Seems like you already have someone special. Congratulations finally you found your own Mail, Meimei.

Ah, is this the same sender as before? If Meimei and Mail make up as a romantic duo for you. Then the answer is yes, I've indeed found my own Mail. t___t

Anonymous Coward · 10mo

Haha I apologize for my previous question, Meisya. Let me ask you something more serious now. Is there someone special who has caught your attention romantically at the moment? I want to get closer to you, but I don’t know where’s to start. 😅

Hey, I want to start by saying how much I value your honesty and I'm genuinely sorry for any disappointment this may cause. Right now, my heart is focused on someone special I've grown close to and I hope you understand that this isn't a reflection on your feelings, which I truly appreciate. I hope you get to spend a wonderful day with your loved one very soon and enjoy every moment of it, sender!!

Anonymous Coward · 10mo

helu meimei, kalo boleh lain kali jangan menyalahgunakan alt text ya.. :c

AH— right. Thank you so much udah ngingetin aku, aku tadi baru baca lebih lanjut tentang alt. Thanks for the friendly reminder! I'll definitely remember this as a lesson for the future. It's great to have pals like you looking out for me. Terimakasi sekali lagi dan maaf ya, you're so kindhearted. ♡

Anonymous Coward · 10mo

Meimei udah nemu Mailnya belum?

𐙚 · 11mo

for the sweetest, meisya. i want you to know that you’re worth it in every single possible way. everything you do will be worth it just you wait and see, you truly deserve the world. once again, congratulations on acing your thesis defense! your hard work and dedication has paid off. i'm so proud of you, may you always doing well in the future and i hope you know you're loved and appreciated a lot. 💟💟

Hi there, my little fairy! ♡ Your message was like a warm hug to my heart! I'm over the moon that you think I'm worth it in every way, thank yew. 🥺 You're making me blush with all the sweetness here. Alsoooo, I'm super happy that I did my best in my thesis defense, and your support has been a big part of that. Sending you a virtual bear hug and lots of love your way. I hope that your kindness is returned to you as well. 🐻🖤

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

Do you set your eyes on someone lately and are you ready to be in relationship?

I'm not sure if this anonymous is from the same person as before, but I'm happy to answer both questions because they're quite similar. Right now, I haven't met someone special who has caught my attention. But, when it comes to being in a relationship again, it all depends on how the someone make me feel safe, loved, and appreciated. In other words, I'm open to love, and I'll consider it when I find someone who makes me feel special and cared for.

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing "Golden Hour" by JVKE with me! This song is an absolute delight, and it's been bringing so much sweetness to my days. From the moment I first heard it, I couldn't help but smile and groove along. Your musical taste is spot on, and I'm grateful you thought to share this gem with me. So, thank you!! ♡

Shanaya. · 3 answers · 11mo

Hello, lovely souls! I want you to always remember that your worth is immeasurable. Sometimes, just getting through a day can be tougher than anyone knows, and if you've managed that, you're already achieving something truly great. Your strength and resilience shine brightly, and I'm here cheering you on every step of the way. 💕🌟

Hi, my little lovely Anyanya. Your message is so kind and uplifting, istg. Thank you for reminding us [me too!!] that even on tough days, just getting through is an achievement. How sweet you are <3 and I'm here sending cheers and love right back to you. Keep shining, Anyanya. 🖤🤍

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

Hey, what is your ideal type as a lover?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

Meisya kamu tuh jomblo gak sih?

Gimana ya jawabnya aku gak jomblo tapi juga gak single alias imagine this: I might not be single, but I'm more like a whole album; the full package. I'm offering my lover hugs and kisses every single day, and never run out of cute, hot, random and me being dramatic selfies of me. Plus, I'll always be there to listen to him and support him when he need it. Think of it as having a constant companion who's got his back no matter what. Ready to jump in and give it a shot?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

kinda curious, meimei! how do you cope with your sadness?

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