Valerie Clairetta D.

𐇲. Dwelling in a castle that wanders around amidst the cloud's whirl, amour and allure entwined, whimsical yet serene. ⊹ ˖ ੭

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.
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Enzo · 1mo

Hello, Valerie. I' m the sender from ssefnum, would you mind to shoot me a followback? Thanks.

kumi · 3mo

hey, can i get a follow back?

Iyel · 5mo


Marshall. · 7mo

Macal lucu gak, Ayi?

Hunter Archibald. · 5 answers · 7mo

Tim makan bubur ayam pagi atau malem?

Hunter Archibald. · 8 answers · 7mo

Sebutkan satu lagu yang lagi direpeat terus belakangan ini

Hunter Archibald. · 6 answers · 8mo

Kalo dikasih kesempatan buat terlahir ke dunia jadi orang yang berbeda, kalian mau request lahir jadi siapa?

Shanina♡ · 8mo

Hi there, pretty! May I get a followback? 👀

CH · 5 answers · 10mo

Ayyo, can you please suggest a game I should play (free for off/online).

CH · 11mo

Hello, ma'am

Hunter Archibald. · 6 answers · 12mo

Kalau ke indomaret suka beli jajan apa aja?

Hunter Archibald. · 6 answers · 12mo

Imagine you're an idol, apa animal representative kalian guys?

Bunnies · 1y

How does Tata sound? I’m not that creative, I get it all the time hehe. So, how was your day going so far? Have you taken a look at trees? I heard it helps us reduce our stress.

Tata sounds super cute! You're the first one calling me Tata. Should I make a nickname for you too? How about Lyre? (It's an abbreviation from lovely admirer). I'm sorry I just checked my retro since I had so many things to do yesterday. Lucky me, I have more free time today and have had enough time to rest, and I did take a look at the trees and the sky. Every time I see trees moves when the wind blows and the clouds moving in the sky, I feel a bit relaxed. Do you also feel the same too?🍃☁️

Bunnies · 1y

I love green. Your profile is so refreshing. By the way, this is your new SA speaking. What should I address you, pretty lady?

Oh, hello! Thank you for saying that. I do love green too since it reminds me with nature and somehow can calm my mind. You can call me Claire or Ai for short. Or do you want to make a new nickname for me? I don't mind at all. <3

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