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Anonymous Coward · 1mo

Kenzie lucu juga ya ternyata

Anonymous Coward · 1mo

Selain Sungchan, suka siapa lagi Kenzie?

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

I like the way you interact with all of your friends. Lagi deket sama orang nggak, Kenzie?

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Just wanna say that you need to be careful Zie, I don’t want you to get hurt, never again.

Thank you for giving me such a reminder! Knowing that you call me by Zie, we must be close enough, right? Just… a little assumption by the way.

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

lu sama temen-temen lu tuh lucu banget dah kenzie 😂

Hahahaha ketawa banget… makasih ya anon udah dibilang lucu, mereka banyak traumanya sih makanya jadi lucu gitu

Rachelle · 12 answers · 3mo

April is almost finished! Please rate your April this year between 0-10. Oh, hopefully, your May will be better than your April ya! You did well this month too! >_<

If I can be honest it’s 6/10 because there’s so many bad things happened to me. I also wish that your May is better than your April, Rachelle! Thank you! 💗

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Kakak, could you share your first impression and current thoughts about Amora, please?

@noteintheair Amora my cutie pie! First impression and current impression of you are still the same! You exudes an endearing and lovable charm. Your presence is very comforting, feels like I want to keep you always safe and happy! Amora lucu banget, lucu terus, lucu selalu! 💗

Ocean · 10 answers · 3mo

Best broke up song (your version)

Latisha · 4mo

Ku cemburu namun hanya sebatas itu

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

Thoughts on Lee Jaewook

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