Rachelle · 12 answers · 2mo

April is almost finished! Please rate your April this year between 0-10. Oh, hopefully, your May will be better than your April ya! You did well this month too! >_<

Two months late but I rarely sleep during April... Hopefully things are better for you this June, Rachelle.

Since its June already, what about I rate my May instead? Hehehe sorry for the tardy response anyway. And, i think its 5/10? So so.

It would be late since May already started few days. But I think April so far is really treat me nice, at least I did my best. So I would give 9! And I also hope your May would treated you good!

aprilku super duper jelek bgt begitupun awal may nya sih, tp semoga sisanya bagus. aamiin, you did well juga cayangku 🥺. semoga may nya banyak happy nya

Telat sih ini tapi gue mau rate April gue 8/10. Not bad lah walaupun gila dikit.

Overall, 8.9 out of 10. The main reason is because it's my month. I hope April is wrapped nicely for you, and May will bring more happiness to you dd. ♡

If I can be honest it’s 6/10 because there’s so many bad things happened to me. I also wish that your May is better than your April, Rachelle! Thank you! 💗

april has been really tough for me... but it ended well, it's a 7.5/10 i guess! thank you, achi. hope yours also be better than ever

I'll give it 7 out of 10. Could be better but I don't regret anything that happened in April, so all is well. Thank you, I hope your May will be filled with happiness and love, Adek. Thank you for everything, you did really well!

Aku rate 6/10, deh. Masih lebih banyak galau daripada senengnya. Aamiin, semoga bulan Mei kamu dipenuhi hal-hal yang seneng juga, Dd!

7? A lot of things happened, I fall but then I rise again. The mixed feeling from many it's overwhelming, but I am still grateful, because I am surrounded by good people who makes me feel so much better. I thank them for making this month less suck. Hopefully May gives us so much better days.

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