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Weston. · 5 answers · 2mo

I'm feeling quite uncomfortable with myself right now. So many people have misunderstood my kindness all this time.

Lily · 27 answers · 10mo

Kalian paling suka lagu Taylor Swift yang mana?

Tim Enchanted garis keras!!!! Sama You Belong With Me!!!!!! Maaf klo playlistku isi NT smua 🙏🏻

🐣 moira · 2 answers · 11mo

How would you describe your May?

🐣 moira · 3 answers · 11mo

What is your favorite go-to-cry song(s)?

Pretender harga mati ☝🏻 selain Pretender, lagu SEVENTEEN - Circles. Bukan sedih galau, but it's more like being comforted by someone disaat lagi ngerasa miserable. Apalagi pas part 'Lalala' 😭 kaya HUHUHUHU

Aaron · 4 answers · 11mo

Thoughts on Aaron? Feed my ego please 🥺😭

Aaroon anaknya friendly banget!!! A social butterfly, indeed, that's why you have lots of friends!!!! Baik jugaaa, anaknya lucu, kayanya titisan Sule deh. Mengagumi sosok Aaron yang ga pernah tipes walaupun tiap hari ada aja WWW-nya #keren. Dimana ada CA baru, maka disitu ada Aaron. Suka bagi-bagi kebahagiaan, tapi suka lupa kalo diri sendiri juga butuh bahagia, so I hope your days will be filled with all good things, and happiness! Thank you for keep spreading kindness, Aaron. Be happy, always!!!! 💕

Aaron · 2 answers · 11mo

Hai everyone, how's life?

HOOOIII KEMANA AJAAA!!!! Mine was good, Aaron gimanaaa! Hope you're doing well ☀️

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

Do your friends know too much about your life?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

Do you like video games?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

What do you think about Bad Dragon?

Lily · 20 answers · 11mo

Hi, are you doing okay?

Mhm- actually not that good, but thank you for asking! Kalo Lily gimana kabarnya? 🥺🩷

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

pretender siapa yang nyanyi ya…

Official Hige Dandism, nder! Coba dengerin deh, ada versi original ada versi acoustic-nya #promosi

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

What kind of animals do you have?

Anonymous Coward · 11mo

What activity do you enjoy the most?

Aaron · 8 answers · 11mo

Toughts on geminian?

Apayaaa... aduh aku belum punya banyak pengalaman sama Gemini. Most of people said Gemini is a red flag, tapi kalo di aku kayanya baik baik ajaaa? They're kind and friendly! Mungkin itu yang patut diwaspadai

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