Lily asked 7 months ago · 20 answers

Hi, are you doing okay?

I could say that most of the time I am doing okay. Thank you for asking, Lily! 💟

teh yiyi!! maaf baru bales aksjsjksj, thank you for asking anyway. i'm doing well and everything goes fine! i hope you do so, teteh. 🤍

I think so, thank you for asking. Hope life is treating you well too!

Hi, thanks for asking! I'm doing okay, just dealing with some challenges at the moment. How about yourself?

Depends on what you define as okay. I have to deal with severe headaches so often as of late. I’ve also been dissociating a lot more, trying to keep my mind busy for I allow myself to process my thoughts and emotions even for a moment. Apart from that, yeah, all good. Honestly appreciate you posting this question. Feels good to write and share.

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