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· 3mo

myan kenapa tahun sekarang banyak kabar idol dating ya.... nggak sabar habis ini bakalan ada berita Park Sunghoon dan Katherine Evelie dating kyaaa >~<

Aku lebih gak sabar lagi lemparin kasur kamu pake batu kerikil rel kereta 🥺 tungguin Yaaa batasnya sampe sahur

Milo · 17 answers · 5mo

friendly reminder; you'll be loved in the most endearing way possible cause you aren't hard to love and you're worth fighting for ♡

Aquamarine · 5mo

Do you have a bf? Minat

Aquamarine · 5mo

Milaaaaaaaan jodohin aku sama cewek cantik dong, aku cewek juga tapi bisa jadi cowok sesuai mood hati ;)

⭐️ · 2 answers · 5mo

what’s your thoughts about me? 🤔

Aquamarine · 5mo

Princess cantik. My pretty little princess. My prettiest princess. Cantikku. Sayangku. My beating heart belongs to you.

Aquamarine · 5mo

Milan wedhus kentir wedhus kentir wedhus kentir wedhus yang sangat kambing yang sangat domba billie eillish dodol pecel ojo nganti wedhus nyolong apel

Aquamarine · 5mo

halo milaaan, karena kebetulan kamu berteman sama @serenadesunset, boleh gak ikut dijodohin juga? terimakasih milan cantik 🥺

Aquamarine · 5mo

milaaan lagi deket sama orang ngga temenku ada yang mau deketin kamu :D

Aquamarine · 5mo

Jadi temenmu yang schatzblumen itu boleh dideketin gak Milan?

Aquamarine · 5mo

Hey, sweetie. Are you not feeling well? Is that something serious? Oh, I wish I could shoo shoo the virus away so you don't have to deal with the discomfort of being sick. Have you gotten any food or medicine? Ensure that your body is always well-hydrated. Take some breaks, and try not to be too hard on yourself. I wish you nothing but every nice things. I hope it gets better soon. Don't worry, you're still doing an outstanding job. I am really proud of you.

Sendernim, I have been waiting for you for ages! Thank you for stopping by and checking up on me :] well, yes, I’m currently not in the best state and have to take my own medicine right away. But it’s not a big deal, I can assure you! And the same thing goes to you, sendernim, I wish you nothing but happiness around you. Please stay healthy and prioritise yourself above anything else! You’re doing well, and I am so proud of you today, too. I hope someday we can be friends and talk face-to-face, Sendernim! Have a nice long weekday <3

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