22 he/him

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Anonymous Coward · 2d

Nettspend will soon harness the power of every sun in the observable universe to direct a beam of indescribable heat to the mihoyo servers #1c34

Anonymous Coward · 2d

are you still with ajax?

Anonymous Coward · 2d

Do u pronounce Sade like Sade or Sade???

Anonymous Coward · 2d

Can I get some emo recs cause the only thing I’ve listened to is Brave Little Abacus and I really hope that their music isn’t the peak of the genre and it’s all just worse from there

if you want PROPER emo and not just bands/songs called "emo" because they have guitars in them and are a bit edgy with the lyrics: my chemical romance's i brought you my bullets album, any of jimmy eat worlds earlier stuff, small dog frenzy, marietta, sunny day real estate, origami angel. if you want something a bit more pop leaning at times, check out brand new.

also: here is a playlist i often see floating around full of emo

Anonymous Coward · 2d

When Chief Keef is done w New Jersey do u think he’s gonna go for Old Jersey next

would old jersey be the, like, british jersey? because i think the people there would welcome him with open arms. they've been desperate for something actually exciting to happen to them for years

Anonymous Coward · 2d

Do u think Earl Sweatshirt’s been the goat for the past 11 years because of South African voodoo magic or has there been some sort of divine intervention

I haven't listened to earl sweatshirt in so long but i do believe he is some sorta gift from the heavens sometimes

Anonymous Coward · 7d

what r ur fave tv shows?

hannibal, the boys, daredevil, supernatural (up to a certain season anyway), preacher s1, zoo s1, arcade, love death + robots, fallout, penny dreadful, adventure time, twin peaks... probably more but thats all i can rmbr rn

griffin · 7d

you are so cute.... blushes and makes out with u

Anonymous Coward · 17d

how much money for /dottore

Anonymous Coward · 19d

what cereal did you have today king

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

changli or jinhsi

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

what is ur weirdest hobby?

i homegrow penicillin on occasion. it's a little tedious, long winded and the reward isn't very high (i don't make nearly enough to rival anything store brought), but its a fun and nifty thing to know how to do

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

puts you in a blender

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

drop the discord king

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