LaDamaX · 8 answers · 5mo

Do you feel like your parents seemed and looked older than you at your same age? My parents had three grandchildren at my age. I couldn’t imagine being a grandmother at my age.

Yes, I think my parents had no choice but to grow up quickly, in certain aspects. My dad came to the US when he was 18 so he had to learn to be a productive and respectable person in a new country with a new language. Not an easy thing to do. My mom had to learn to care for other people starting when she was a child, because she's the 3rd oldest daughter of 12 children. It's something she cannot turn off despite being like 60 now.

Me? I dunno, I feel I've been through a lot too. I think I was allowed to grow up more slowly in general because I had more stability in my home life, but I also dealt with things my parents never had to because I'm a different person and grew up in a different time compared to them. But that was the whole point of them coming to the US, so I could do just that

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