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Do you feel like your parents seemed and looked older than you at your same age? My parents had three grandchildren at my age. I couldn’t imagine being a grandmother at my age.

Hmm, they seemed older, but they didn't really look too much older at my age then as I do now. my dad died when he was 38 and im 35 now. So thats drawing near lol 😆I actually forgive them more now for the parenting mistakes they made on me. My mom was 25 when I was born. I can't imagine having a kid at that age.. it explains some of her immaturity at that age. Forgive some of it not all😂🤣

Yes, my parents were relatively old plus they appeared older when I was a child. None of my siblings has children nor do I. It seems this is a dead end branch of family.

I don't know if it's more life experience or what, but I've seen photos of my grandparents and they looked 32 when they were 15 and by the time they actually were in their 30s and 40s they looked in their 60s by my mother always looked pretty young, my father was already quite a bit older but I honestly couldn't identify him if my life depended on it right now

My mother had a 14 year old when she was my age 😳 can’t imagine myself with a teenager.

At my age, the entirety of their life experience was really just related to having kids. So they just seemed like kids with kids. And frankly, that vibe kinda stuck around. I feel older than I felt like my parents were when I was five-years-old and they were my age now. But I can't really speak to how they felt, so who knows. But I'm sure they feel like their parents were older than them at their ages now, because
like you say, at their ages now their parents were grandparents. Oh, and they were also retired, or a couple of em were. Ain't like that no more.

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