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Would you mind telling me what is your current opinion about Nadine?

MAAF BGT AKU GHOSTING 4 BULAN. Kamu tuh temenku paling keren. Beneran keren. I adore you so much, the way you socialize with your friends and talk to them, so free. Beneran kayak apa adanya sih. Cuma kayak apa ya, kamu kalau sedih, minimal ngomong bjgn dengan sepenuh hati deh, ndin. You don't deserve to be hurt and someone who hurt you should rot in hell. Semoga habis ini bahagia terus ya sayang!!!! Selamat menunggu wisuda. <33

@interlunne kamu cantik banget (fr) sebenernya fi ke kamu agak gimana gitu soalnya ada sesuatu!! entah kamu engeh juga apa engga sih (kalau kepo dm) tapi currentnya ga nyangka caur banget dibalik kecantikan paripurna 😭 sweet banget tapi rame juga gimana ya. attractive banget (tbh). I love you, Ndin

Happy Birthday @Interlunne.. We’ve practically grow up next to each other since like.. 4 years ago..? And I’m happy to be one of the person who could witness your growth. Thank you for always being there, and for letting me be there for you. One thing for sure: the older we got, the more cegil we are.. Tapi gaoaoa. Yang pentingtoh survive. I’m happy that we can be friends and stay close to each other. Menurutku km strong km keren tp kalo butuh spsp inget we’re here around for you. Jangan lupa realisasikan rencana banner kita.. Spesialis Wisuda 2023 Amin 40x

My impression always same, a funny, looked though but actually it's her independet side. Also a very fun person to talk with, karena banyak omongnya.

Will always think you’re my favorite pretty moots! Though we didn’t talk much but I do love having you around. The way you radiate cool girl vibes 🔥

I love the way you always pour out your thoughts on timeline it that’s very attractive of you <3 you’re also really nice despite the fact we don’t have so much opportunity to talk to one another but I know my point still stands!

you’re always my favorite person here! the prettiest, coolest, and smartest friend. you always radiate that positive calm-but-cheerful vibes! gak tau ay km kok keren sih.. love u <3

Pokoknya Nadine itu the sweetest, the coolest, aesthetic-pleasing profile, prettiest, fun, teman ngalong dan I miss you.

Still same, Nadine. You are one of the coolest account in this realm. I've know you when I dive deep and your personality/aura is attract me. You radiate calm and warm-hearted kind of person.

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