“We almost reach the peak, Doc! Do you copy?”

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I take anything nice


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Someone Behind The Mask · 4mo

Udah ditinggal kkn blm tahun ini

Jen · 6 answers · 5mo

Happy holiday, guys! 🎉 Kalian biasanya kalau lagi libur akhir tahun ngapain?

Nangisin setahun ke belakang ngapain aja because on God I’m not His strongest soldier. I’m breaking apart too!

Rex. · 8 answers · 5mo

One thing you really want to happen in this month is ...

Reigner · 8mo

What would your perfect day be like?

I’m a freak for a day out so I’d love to have the rest of the day going out, catching train, walking by the corner of the crowded street, getting myself a little treat, giggling at anything, and getting tired of it but still wishing to do the same in the next day

Someone Behind The Mask · 8mo

thoughts on me 👀

My dear, @grumpyiscute, just like the way you named your user handle, you are such a cute and adorable person. Getting to know you lead me to actually know how sweet you are in a person. My vision catches only positive things about you and the warmth you hold within never fail to amaze me every time we converse. I’d love to stick with you just so I know you’ll always get what you deserve in life: the infinite amount of joy. 🤍

Reigner · 8mo

What do you feel most passionate about?

Reigner · 8mo

How are you feeling today?

Not the best day I could have but I’m contented with what I have today so it could be an eight out of ten!

Someone Behind The Mask · 8mo

a fragrance that you highly recommend to everyone?

I love something refreshing and rather than giving a recommendation, I’d love to tell my all time favorites: they are Jack Wills’ Body Spray Trio Edition number Three and The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Mist

Someone Behind The Mask · 8mo

your top 5 foods!!

Soto Betawi (Yes I’m Biased) and the rest top four would be Iga Bakar. I’d kill for them

Someone Behind The Mask · 8mo

what are your MUST bring items when you go (mine: koyo)

Someone Behind The Mask · 9mo

We lagi ngurus motomu neng sopo (do you set your eyes on someone)

cic★ · 6 answers · 10mo

udah dengerin Salt air, and the rust on your door
I never needed anything more
Whispers of "Are you sure?"
"Never have I ever before"
But I can see us lost in the memory
August slipped away into a moment in time
'Cause it was never mine
And I can see us twisted in bedsheets
August sipped away like a bottle of wine
'Cause you were never mine belum


alie · 12mo

Kak Ndin here’s a friendly reminder please don’t sleep too late!!!

alie · 12mo

What’s one thing that makes you so happy lately?

Rosemary · 11 answers · 12mo

series recs on Netflix pleek (I need a lot of distraction). thank u beforehand!

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