love my bad parts, find the good parts.

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Anonymous Coward · 21d

semua tweet lo nyebelin banget. stop jadi party pooper dan julid deh

Woi ngakak baru baca iya gapapa bub aja ya gak ada yang larang. 😂 Block doang gausah unblock juga boleh. Report as spam juga serah dah suspend juga tinggal bikin akun baru bebas dah. 🧍🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️

Seth. · 10 answers · 2mo

while I can hardly find one, would you tell me about a meaningful thing, a reason for you to keep holding on until today?

Waiting for Prabowo's downfall (jk). Idk, not holding on actually sounds more hurtful than holding on so do we actually have any choice?

Seth. · 22 answers · 4mo

What flower do you associate yourself with?

Nicholas. · 5 answers · 5mo

Happy new year, everyone! Any new resolutions that you've been thinking of for this new year?

Seth. · 12 answers · 5mo

happy 123123. i hope you're loved under today's clear sky, i hope kindness and tenderness will reach you wherever you might be. i'm so grateful for the fate that brought us together this year and i wish to spend another year with you. thank you for reaching this far even when you never intended to, even when the sea is stormy and your ship is shaky, even when it has wasted so much of your tears. i wish you well, always.

I am sorry for just reading this beautiful wishes. Hope the same goes to you, ya! 🤍

Lintang · 7 answers · 5mo

Anyone have some tips to eat more veggies? I just really didn't enjoy them but wanna try to live healthier next year.

Lintang · 7 answers · 5mo

What's your plan for this long weekend guys?

Watching movies I think. Idk I just waste today by doing nothing and just scrolling timeline wkwk

Seraphine Emerald. · 13 answers · 5mo

hai temen-temen, saran film dong? genrenya bebas dan boleh dari negara mana aja.

terima kasih!

Lintang · 5 answers · 6mo

Anyone has any tips for better time management especially when your work have a flexible work-flow (bos suka kasih tugas dadakan)?

Susah sih kalau yang dadakan dadakan gitu emang. Tiap dapet tugasnya, dipetain aja dari waktu itu sampai deadline kira-kira kapan bakal ngerjainnya, kapan istirahatnya, kapan makannya, dsb. Sisanya berserah kepada yang Maha Kuasa. 🙏🏻

Lintang · 4 answers · 6mo

Udah masuk akhir tahun, udah ada resolusi buat tahun depan belum bestie?

M. · 9 answers · 6mo

Saranin lagu galau yang galau banget versi kalian dong. Lagi mood ngegalau.

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