☽ Nightwish : It's when loneliness burned down what was left of my soul, that I chose to hide in the shadows ⌖

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Sea. · 3mo

Hey ho, my dearest friend! Just wanted to take a moment to remind you how incredibly special you are to me and everyone in this world. Your presence in my life is truly a treasure I hold. I hope your life would be filled with immense joy and happiness as well. Please always be happy and have a wonderful day, bff! ♡

Aaaaa thank youuuuu bff! Hope your life is always surrounded by happiness. May you be kept away from bad things and always given ease in doing everything.

Sheon · 18 answers · 4mo

Hello my retrospring friends, how's your holiday going? Anything interesting to share? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this week's holiday?

Harleigh Grey. · 3 answers · 4mo

do you have any tips for me to fall asleep quickly?

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

Do you want to visit other countries or have you already visited one? Is the place where you live good? Does it have a good landscape? My dream is to visit calm countries, where I can feel nature and the wind blow, where I have freedom

I do, I want to go to London, for some reason London is a country that I really want to visit.

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

wkwkwk kocak. justru yg lo genitin itu pacar gue 🤣 mau jawab apa lg? gws buat lo semua yg belain ni cewe, belain bibit pelakor 🤣

Gak minat jadi pelakor, sorry, gak tertarik juga sama yang katanya pacarmu itu. Kasih tau coba siapa pacarmu? Atau ava dan inisialnya? Mau aku bub. I know my limits when I interact with my mutuals. Rudet kalau mau temenan doang dikiranya genitin genitin. Demi apapun gak tertarik wkwkwk.

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

genit bgt jadi cewe. kurang kurangin genit begitu deh

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

Misel, tolong saran kegiatan di kala bosan dan ditengah kesibukan tugas (tapi selain nugas)

Aku biasanya main game, atau kamu bisa rakit lego kalau ada, soalnya menurutku seruuuu.

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

theme retromu cantik sekaliiii

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

kalau punya 1m, pilih dihabisin untuk beli hp atau kasih ke ak

Kiandra Ennian. · 3 answers · 1y

mind to tell me what is your favourite food?

Noodles! Kalau mie makanan sehat, rasanya mau aku makan setiap hari, pagi, siang, sore.

bella · 1y

do you have any agenda for this weekend sweetie?

Nah, I just do my activities that are not useful during this day🚶🏻‍♀️

Naradith · 1y

if you could only watch 1 movie/series for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jaka · 5 answers · 1y

apa yang membuat kamu kuat?

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