Aletheia Jane asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

How do you use to entertain yourself after being overwhelmed by work or things?

telat banget jawabnya, tapi mau jawab 🙏🏻 tidur dan merenung.

I will spend time for myself watching some movies/series and reading novels or comics, I will also go shopping or checking out some things at an online store, enjoy delicious food, or just wandering around to enjoy the fresh air.

Maaf aku masokis jadinya udah pasti listening to sad songs, watching movies or series and eating delicious spicy foods, yum... 😋

This is super late, but I’m interested in craft like pottery, crochet, writing. For additional, spending my time with gym and run after work.

I usually just sleep or do something that I enjoy like watching movies or listen to music! < 3

Tidur tidur tidur wwkwkwk nonton film juga kadang 👍🏻👍🏻

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