Rhyming like O’ Sole Mio though it’s tough.

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With love, Lily. asked 4 months ago · 11 answers

Hey you guys, saran film yang seru dong. Any genre is fine. Trims orang baik!

Budi Pekerti atau Napoleon (ini belum ada di cinema) tapi Budi Pekerti bagus menurut gue

edith ☆ asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

would you still keeping me around if a witch turned me into a minion?

I think that’s fine, as long as I can translate your words though. As far I know, minion got mixed language.. which kinda hard to digest

M asked 5 months ago

KK MAD MAAF AK BRU CEK RETRO LAGI, mau tanya donk weekly recapnya ngapain aja :*

Hey! Hmm, just letting life goes on. Seperti biasa hari Rabu - Kamis ada rapat di luar kota hitung hitung sekalian healing. Sisanya berkutat sama laptop lagi lagi.

Aletheia Jane asked 8 months ago · 10 answers

Drop your best dad jokes or pick up line!

Do you know what we used to call whenever we read meticulously? It’s Ridiculous! (Bet it’s lame)

Chery asked 9 months ago

kamu suka gatekeep idol kamu ga? kenapa?

Aletheia Jane asked 7 months ago · 7 answers

What is your best read throughout this whole year?

Sorry, it takes too long to answer this as I just opened this platform recently. Never trust a skinny Italian chef by Massimo Bottura.

Calamander asked 6 months ago

agak pusing sama warna profilenya but ok followback dong

Aletheia Jane asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

How do you use to entertain yourself after being overwhelmed by work or things?

This is super late, but I’m interested in craft like pottery, crochet, writing. For additional, spending my time with gym and run after work.

Chery asked 9 months ago · 5 answers

my ENGENE nation, what’s your favorite b-side track from “DARK BLOOD”? 😋

Aletheia Jane asked 9 months ago · 9 answers

Thoughts on Aletha?

Aletha, lama nggak ngobrol. But, in my opinion you’re pretty decent about way to express yourself.

Chery asked 10 months ago · 7 answers

what do you (or others) think are your toxic traits?

I personally couldn’t think of anything beside narcissism or egoistic side of mine {sometimes} though i highly think that rarely.

Lorelai asked 11 months ago · 12 answers

Kalian lagi apa

Lorelai asked 11 months ago · 10 answers

And maybe we got lost in translation.. maybe I asked for too much.. but maybe this thing was a masterpiece ‘til you tore it all up. Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well

Chery asked 11 months ago · 8 answers

jajanan atau takjil favorit kalian apa? :D

Aletheia Jane asked 12 months ago

Hi Mad! Mau nanya boleh ya.

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