Rylan-Marie Klein

Inquire away, curiosity’s no crime and I’m open to answering any query.

Munich, Bavaria
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Ask away, I love answering questions!


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Anonymer Fragesteller · 2mo

rylan where are you?

jel · 19 answers · 2mo

haloooo! libur kayak gini kalian biasanya ngapain ajaa?

I may be too late to respond to this... I’ve been occupied with a lot of things these days. Kemarin aku urus berkas karena mau pindahan at the same time jadi bridesmaid, a lot of things happened!

Anonymer Fragesteller · 3mo

Bumi itu bulat atau datar?

I trust NASA, jadi bumi itu berbentuk bulat, like a ball! The flat earth theory is a myth.

Anonymer Fragesteller · 3mo

i find your retro through base and i think ur pretty ;)

Anonymer Fragesteller · 3mo

rylan... kayaknya aku tau kamu deh HSSKDKSK kayaknya kita satu sma dulu..... kamu pindahan dari german kan....... terus kita followan ig... aku gak tau kamu kenal aku tapi HSSKKDSJ BOLEH TEMENAN GAK YAAA DI CA GINIII :((( TAPI AK MALUUU

NO WAAAYYYY!!! 😫 I’d like to be anonymous here, to be honest.............. Yakin kamu engga salah orang? We might have attended different schools in the past, loh. 😅 Also, transferred student from Germany in your school could be somebody else besides me!

Meisje Isadora. · 18 answers · 3mo

How do you cope with rejection or heartbreak?

On day one, I’d probably break down, letting all my thoughts out, and cry all day all night. By day two or the days following, I’d begin to care for myself, prioritize my needs, romanticize my existence, purchase new makeup products and bags, and living my life as I should be! Oh, also, deleting all memories about it.

Meisje Isadora. · 16 answers · 3mo

Happy Monday, 'erryone! I hope this week treats you with love and positivity. Remember to take time for yourself and drink enough water even in the midst of your busy sched. Have a nice day. <3

What a lovely! You have made and brightened my day really well. Happy Monday to you, too, Meisje!

Anonymer Fragesteller · 3mo

rylan kemana ajaa

Claire Riley, J. · 7 answers · 3mo

When it comes to love, what’s the first song that you will give to your lover?

My taste in music might seem predictable, but I love classic romantic songs like Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley and Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra!

Anonymer Fragesteller · 3mo

do you set ur eyes on someone rn on x?

Anonymer Fragesteller · 3mo

what's your hogwarts house?

Mine is Ravenclaw! At first, I thought I would be a Slytherin, but it turned out I belong in Ravenclaw. 😆

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