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the f00fy one asked 1 day ago · 10 answers

What is your creature type, power, and toughness?

fungal symbiote of some kind, low power and medium toughness.

Hunter Frags asked 2 days ago · 6 answers

To the working folk: how empty is your wallet/bank account on a regular basis?

the f00fy one asked 5 days ago · 13 answers

Is it time for crab?

Hunter Frags asked 8 days ago · 7 answers

What's your favorite part of the chicken?

i'm a philistine and don't know much about butchering fowl.

parisx asked 8 days ago · 12 answers

Do you have a murderer on the loose near you?

parisx asked 9 days ago · 11 answers

What's your opinion on websites like fun with feet?

i'm glad there are places for people of specific tastes to congregate, but i don't really wanna be anywhere near them

the f00fy one asked 9 days ago · 14 answers

?esrever ni snoitseuq daer uoy nac llew woH

Hunter Frags asked 9 days ago · 5 answers

Someone's apparently rumoring a sequel to the live-action How The Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey. 1. Have you seen the live-action version before? 2. What did you think of it? And 3. Would you be interested in more of Jim Carrey's Grinch overall?

i vaguely remember watching it when i was young, and i thought it was alright, jim carrey's grinch was wonderful but i dont know how well a prequel would work as i'm pretty sure that would just be "baby grinch"

Hunter Frags asked 11 days ago · 8 answers

Is it time for men?

Dignified Silence asked 11 days ago · 8 answers

what is your favorite food related to Canada?

i haven't really eaten much of what could be considered 'canadian cuisine' but americans are sleeping on poutine, seriously over here poutine is a punchline but most of the people talking about it over here haven't even eaten it and it's good shit

parisx asked 11 days ago · 12 answers

Can you see my pictures on my profile?

Hunter Frags asked 12 days ago · 7 answers

What's a game/show/etc. you know of whose most recognized moment isn't even a major, main or canon point in the story? (Exclude that one game with the incest ending.)

this is a tough one actually, i can't actually remember an instance of this, but i'm sure i've experienced a thought along these lines at one point. ig you could probably find something like that in the kirby franchise.

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