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What are you doing to protect your online privacy? (If the answer is "nothing", I'm happy to provide some advice!)

Ummmm... adblock, VPN, password manager, the Betterfox user.js, ritual circles...

Not putting my full name on the internet I think, maybe that's a little overly cautious but it feels better to me

i put my credit card and social insirance number online so that someone trustworthy will protect it for me!

Unfortunately I'm pretty lazy in that regard and should be better about it. Atm it's just not sharing personal information, adblock, unique pws per account, 2fa if available.

Probly gunna try to implement some of the things I'm seeing from the other answers here.

I have my own nextcloud instance and get email hosting from a small-ish provider, but those are more out of a desire for powerful features than privacy

I need at least new search engine and a new keyboard on Android (that has Cangjie and Jyutping as input methods, so pretty tricky; I use Trime on my keyboard phone but it's janky)

adblockers, cookie deletion, anti tracking browser extension, disable javascript if the website will function without it, never posting anything i wouldn’t want the government to read, not sharing personal info (like my address, real name, etc)

I use Tor, I2P, Freenet, and Signal, as well as uBlock Origin and Decentraleyes. I also use Riseup and Protonmail, and . What else can I do to help?

I do not! There is no need for me to do so, anyway. I have already said so much about me and my location, it is pointless!

Alias. Aliases upon aliases. Aliases for aliases. Pretty sure next to no one knows my state (IDC about saying I live in the USA). Too many aliases to count.

  • Using a password manager
  • have email aliases for some accounts
  • 2FA
  • give a forwarding gmail address to websites that don't need my personal email
  • not really sharing my face online
  • not sharing my location either
  • not giving personal data when I don't have to

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