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Asher Wilhelm. · 2mo

No matter what happens, you make everything better, you did well. Sasha really a good girl who should be loved by everyone, everyone loves Sasha. please be happy.

I’m holding back my tears.. thank you, may you always surrounded by happiness. Please remember that you are valid and loved, have a lovely night!

Sweetest one · 2mo

Hi there, anon. Sorry it took me a while to reply I was lost for words.. thank you for being so sweet and kind to me. Thank you for thinking of me that way. What did I do to deserve your kindness.. semoga hal-hal baik terus datang ke kamu. Aku bakal terus berusaha jadi anak baik kayak yang kamu bilang, makasih udah jadi alasanku untuk senyum hari ini! I wish you well, anon ♥︎

Sweetest one · 2mo

Shsh, do you set your eyes on someone rn?

My answer is still the same as the question from the previous anon. I’m not involved with anyone in a romantic way right now, have a lovely night, anon

Sweetest one · 3mo

what’s thing that you never try before but you want to?

Sweetest one · 3mo

Hi Sasha, have you already set your eyes on someone?

Good morning, anon. To answer your question, I’m not involved in any romantic relationship with someone at this moment, have a great day ahead!

Sweetest one · 4mo

do you want to try another style? if it yes, what would it be?

Sweetest one · 5mo

orang kayak kalian tuh prnh makan sayur asem ga si?

cherish. ♥︎ · 5mo

who’s your favorite boy or rory’s ex in gilmore girls? 😼

Tristan Dugray is my forever favorite boy, and Logan Huntzberger is my favorite Rory’s love interest! ♥︎

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