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Zels · 12 answers · 1mo

random one but what fictional characters you might associate with me?

Aletheia Jane · 11 answers · 1mo

Drop your best read. (I might need some new references for my next list)

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe! Read the translation version when I was in middle school, and it’s terrifyingly good.

Reigner · 6 answers · 2mo

Please suggest me a new song to listen to. Thank you.

Bugs · 2mo

onan buat aku aj blh gk

Aletheia Jane · 7 answers · 2mo

Forget about Hogwarts house, which Divergent faction do you belong to, and why?

I always consider myself as someone coming from Abnegation, but changed to Dauntless.

Leon Nathaneil · 3 answers · 2mo

Is there a thing (it could be anything btw) that you just discover but somehow it's important to you?

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and yeah, there is. I’d say “purpose” is important to me because I wouldn’t made it this far without a purpose. And my purpose is to DinDing pA diNdinG oOy diNdIng pA diNDiNg.

Reigner · 5 answers · 3mo

What's your current favorite song?

I’d say Same Thing Every Day by The Flints. It’s kind of underrated for such a good song, I must say. You should give it a listen!

pancarona · 3mo

Folbek atau dihantui nenek gayung

Björn · 7 answers · 3mo

Siapa mutuals di remotechoes yang belum followan di akun baru

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