A confession to be owned:I long to live inside your mind like you forced me to; way before I got shattered apart.

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How are you today, peeps?


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Gabriel. asked 5 months ago

Good afternoon, Anakin! Thank you for dropping your link, and I'm the sender from ssefnum. QOTD: Is there any best day for you in 2023? And why is that a best day?

It would be May 4th, I suppose? Because what was lost, made it's way back into my arms. And I've been feeling contented ever since. How about you, Isaiah?

Aria asked 5 months ago

If you could share one lesson that you've learned about self-love, what would it be?

About that. That, putting yourself first does not always mean you're being selfish here. Sometimes gotta close your ears, and listen to what your body and mind need.

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

What if someone who hurt you in the past comes back and feels guilty for what they did to you. Would you like to return to a state where you were before and forget about that mistake?

Louie, E. asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

if you're a song, what song would you be? do you like it?

Probably Novo Amor's From Gold. And yes, it is very calming for the ears (and heart).

mayiu ♡ asked 5 months ago · 22 answers

hellooo!!! 😸 . . . happy eid al-fitr to all who celebrate! minal aidzin wal faidzin. may you be blessed with joy, peace, and happiness 🩷

Happy Eid Mubarak, Non. May the good things come back to you ten folds!

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

໒꒰´ ˘ ` ꒱ა what are some of your favourite songs right now?

Nowadays I'm back listening to ENHYPEN's discography to calm my nerves. But my all the time favorite would be The Hunt's Love of Mine.

Marquis Helio D. asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

What do you think falling in love feels like?

Kale. asked 6 months ago · 3 answers

G’day, mates. How was your fasting going (to the ones who's on it) and how has this week been treating you?

mayiu ♡ asked 6 months ago · 24 answers

good morning my lovely doves i hope you have a relaxing weekend ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ੈ♡‧₊˚

Good evening, Non. How was your weekend going? Fun, I hope?

Marquis Helio D. asked 6 months ago · 9 answers

What is your greatest hope, and how do you plan to achieve it?

Living a good life by trying to stay out of troubles along the way.

Louie, E. asked 7 months ago · 5 answers

hello, everyone. it's been quite a while since i asked. how are you doing lately? hopefully life's been treating you all well. thanks for holding on until this very day. have a great week, peeps!

Life's been treating me well; I wish life's also been treating you well!

Kale. asked 7 months ago

I love my Nyanyaki so much. ❤️

HAHAHA. Aren't you an adorable one? I love you too, Bayi! 🥺❤️

Kale. asked 7 months ago


Chiori asked 7 months ago · 5 answers

Random question of the day: do you like sekoteng? 💭

Mm, kinda. Not really a fan but I can tolerate the taste, I suppose.

Xavier asked 7 months ago · 45 answers

how does it feel to be loved by someone?

Like you have eaten your favorite fresh baked cookies in the morning; with a glass of warm milk as the bonus.

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