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愛恩 asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

do you like carrots? why?

yeeeeeesssss!!!! i really really like carrots! fun fact about me, i can't eat green vegetables! so carrots are my favorite vegetable!!!! 🥕🥕

asked 7 months ago · 16 answers

What things you do when you are sad?

sleep all day, watch movies, buy my favorite snack, or go shopping!

asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

how do you deal with heartbreak?

spending time with myself, going shopping and watching movies! but if i can't stand it i will tell my close friends about what is happening to me!

Noa asked 8 months ago · 11 answers

Rasa pop ice favorite kalian apa?

愛恩 asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

imagine: you woke up in an unknown island. it's not deserted, it's like a regular city, just not your usual place. how will you try to get some foods if you don't speak nor understand the island's language?

i will use google translate! or if that doesn't help, maybe using body language will work too. ( like pointing at the food i want and telling the amount with my finger! ) 😸✌️

Arsean Keelan A. asked 7 months ago · 14 answers

in a room full of people, would there be someone that would look for you?

Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

What if someone who hurt you in the past comes back and feels guilty for what they did to you. Would you like to return to a state where you were before and forget about that mistake?

yes, actually i have forgotten everything that happened in the past, especially if those memories hurt me. so if someone from the past comes i'm totally fine! because i think everyone deserves a second chance :]

asked 7 months ago · 18 answers

If you had a chance to be born again, what would you want to be?

i want to be a cat! no work no school no stress just meow meow meow 😸 hehe... mmm or also i want to be a butterfly, can fly high with my beautiful wings! 🦋💗

Arsean Keelan A. asked 7 months ago · 10 answers

have you ever love someone unconditionally and knowing that they're loves you just the way you are? (romantically)

yes! for a long time in my past, i had him who loved me so much and always to take care of me! he is really nice and i can't describe it with words! :p grateful to know him, thankyou for coming and making me happy! { in the past } i hope he is always good wherever he is now and with whoever it is! 😸💐

asked 7 months ago · 9 answers

Did you have a great holiday guys? Dan selamat beraktifitas kembali besok! ♡

hemloooo!!! yeeees i have it, last holiday i spent a lot of fun time with my family at grandma's house!! meet my aunts, uncles, and also my cousins! i really enjoy it!! { happy - happy meee 😸 } anyway thankyou for asking, ihope you have a good day! good luck 💐💖

Arsean Keelan A. asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

if someone has a crush on you, how do you want to be approached?

first you have to knock knock my DM and we can talk about lots of stuff, and after that let time work for what the outcome will be! (actually, im also confused about how to answer this, but i think talking to each other is a powerful approach!)

Arsean Keelan A. asked 8 months ago · 7 answers

how to deal it if you feel numb but also lonely at the same time?

Millie asked 8 months ago · 4 answers

Do you ever lonely even when you're in the middle of a crowd? How do you cope with the emptiness inside you?

yeeee, i just open my handphone and scroll through social media that i have, nothing special but it helps me a lot!

Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago

chocolate or vanilla?

chocolate!!! sweet and delicious i really really loooooove chocolate, one of my favorite foods. if sad or something bad happens i always eat it , its makes me happy again!! :p

Arsean Keelan A. asked 8 months ago · 6 answers

being an overthinker isn't easy, how do you stop yourself from overthinking?

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